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Can GPS Watch Be Tracked

Can GPS Watch Be Tracked?

Can GPS Watch Be Tracked? Yes, it can be tracked and in this article, we will go over some important content that you need to know when working with GPS watch.

A GPS watch uses a smart sensor which is a chip that acts as a GPS receiver. A GPS receiver is the component that receives information from the satellite and then calculates the device’s geographical position.

This feature is commonly found in Fitness trackers or also known as training smartwatch. The purpose of the GPS on a watch includes

  • Track geographical location
  • Track route
  • Track distance
  • Track speed

Using App

Some GPS watches are standalone watches which means that they don’t use any App from an external device. Tracking is done directly from the watch itself using the app installed inside.

Some GPS watches come with the App store where you can download Apps and use them with the GPS feature to analyze data.

Other GPS watches depend on an external device to generate the report. The GPS watch receives data from the satellite and then projects the data onto a smartphone, tablet or computer using WiFi, Bluetooth or over the internet.

These types of GPS watches don’t have a visual interface where you can see graphs, figures, etc. So everything is viewed from an App that is installed on an external device.

How Can GPS Watch Be Tracked

A GPS watch can be tracked in two ways.

  • Internally
  • Externally

Internal tracking involves only the watch itself and external tracking involves external devices. Let’s look at the two tracking methods in more detail.

Tracking GPS watch internally

Internal GPS tracking

To check if your GPS watch can track internally, the first step is to check if the watch has a map already installed. If it’s already installed then you can track internally otherwise check if App store is available. In the App store search for maps and install it.

There are many brands of GPS watch and most of them have developed GPS apps or maps that you can install and use right away.

You can make a quick search on Google to check if your GPS watch model has an associated app available. You can also contact their customer support team to help you out.

Tracking GPS Watch Externally

If you can’t track internally or if you just prefer to have an optimized view experience then using an external device right for you.

GPS watch has a small visual interface and therefore can limit the visual experience you need. Fortunately, you can use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to generate the tracking results for you.

Install App on an external device

Of course, you will have to install an App on your external device, The App will receive data from the GPS watch through Wifi, Bluetooth or the Internet.

Some brands allow users to synchronize their GPS watch online and view the results from their official websites. In this case, you don’t have to install any app but it only requires an internet connection.

You can contact the developer or support team of your GPS watch brand to assist you with this.

Activate Tracker on GPS watch

Generally, you will have to activate the GPS app on your GPS watch. Assuming that your GPS watch is sync to your external device, the app on your external device will start receiving data automatically.

You will only activate the GPS watch once it’s connected to an external device. The GPS watch and the external device should be in close range to avoid latency issues.

No one can hack the transmitted data because of the end to end encryption features on Wifi and Bluetooth.

Who Can Track Your GPS Watch

Only you can track your GPS watch. You will have an account provided to you by the manufacturer upon signing up. This is true especially if you are using their website.

If you are using your external device to track then only that device can track your watch and other devices and users who you wish to share the data with.

Where can your GPS Watch be tracked

There are many places you can track your GPS watch from. But remember you must have a sim card installed or internet access available to track your GPS watch location.


Smartphone operates using an operating system. Two common operating system includes

  • iOS – Used by Apple brands
  • Android

Some tracking app that works on your apple products may not work on other phone brands because of the different operating systems (OS).

On your app store, search your GPS watch brand to see if there is an App available for your phone’s OS

If you can’t find any app on your apple phone, then use an android phone and vice versa. Samsung phones, for example, use the Android OS.


The same concept applies when using a computer. The computer also runs on Operating Systems like;

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Others

To track a GPS watch on a computer, search online using your GPS watch model and include “App” at the end of your search string. For example, type “Garmin forrunner GPS App” on Google if you are using Garmin GPS watch and click-through the search result.

Check if there is a downloadable version for your computer’s operating system

When Can Your GPS Watch Be Tracked

Your GPS watch can be used anywhere at any time and there is no need of Wifi, Internet or Bluetooth for it to work.

It works independently and free for everyone to use. The GPS watch communicates directly with the satellite.

GPS can be used over the internet to enhance its detail information for the user.

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